Yoga Heals

982513f4-134a-40f8-9a42-ad7b5921c4a1The practice of Yoga is not only an ancient art form but also an ancient recipe for good health; physical, spiritual and mental health as well.  Yoga teaches us how to start integrating the systems in our body, how to listen to our bodies so that we can anticipate its needs aiding in disease prevention and general well being.

Healing ourselves as we transverse through the eight petals of yoga starts with the body because it is the most external layer and the most accessible to us.  We explore ourselves, from the skin to the innermost core.  We start with the most apparent and move inwards to the more subtle.

Yoga makes us aware of our own bodies’ limitations and challenges us to surpass them, so that we may overcome them and move through them.  In this way we gain a new level of control over ourselves.  This control begins to leak into every aspect of our lives little by little.  Once having penetrated the external layer, we move deeper.

It is via this path that we look to bring ourselves into balance, Yoga meaning “union” or to “yoke”, gives us a method whereby we can bring the various elements of the mind, body and soul into a single functioning and flowing entity.

It is our hope that in sharing this knowledge with the medical community, an ancient science can come to blend and merge with modern allopathic medicine to create a holistic approach to healing which aims to work throughout the individual and get at the root cause of disease, pain, stress and unhappiness.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free!  Namaste!


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