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Dr Kitty with surgical staff at Kingsbrook Jewish medical center, Brooklyn

Kitty Victoria, M.D. 

  • A recent graduate of the Jai Yoga Arts studio 200 hour Yoga Alliance recognized certification program, Dr Victoria is also an Internal Medicine resident at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope Brooklyn.
  • Kitty has discovered Yoga as a means to heal her own body, as a long time sufferer of congenital scoliosis and wishes to share this amazing art form with her patients and the community through her medical practice.
  • Dr Victoria is a professionally trained opera singer and also grew up immersed in the arts studying dance and visual arts.  She spent the first 2 years of her medical education in Karnataka, India not only studying medicine, but also fulfilling a long time dream of living in India.
  • Please join her for an invigorating Yogic experience that combines her years of medical knowledge with a passion for healing, compassion and play!  Kitty’s classes are filled with opportunities for personal spiritual expansion and self discovery.

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