• kirtan

    Dr Kitty playing a kirtan at Jai Yoga Arts studio in Brooklyn


  • Kirtan is a beautiful and ancient art form that has the power to transcend the consciousness beyond the physical and mental plane to one of higher energy states.
  • The basic structure is a call and response, in which the kirtan is lead by a group of musicians and singers and the participants repeat the phrases and melodies.
  • The repetitive, entrancing melodies and lyrics, many from ancient vedic scripts, allow for the analytical thinking mind to rest and for the more subtle energy body to become awakened.  This allows for us to clear our minds of anxiety causing thought patterns, feel the vibrations of the harmonies and the vowels of the ancient tones resonate throughout our bodies, tuning us into frequencies that we often become detached from in daily every day life.
  • Kirtan is a form of music therapy, a way to eleviate stress, depression and anxiety.  Kirtan is also a medium for us to connect with one another in a much more expressive and sensitive way than we are used to in daily social settings.
  • We join you to participate!…….Bring your instruments and jam with us, all are welcome….even if you’ve never been to a kirtan in the past, it’s an experience you’ll soon be wanting to repeat again and again!
  • Enjoy the transcendental sounds of Dr Kitty on harmonium and vocals and her husband on rhythm guitar.  Let them take you to another world on a wave of high energy sound vibrations!

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